Welcome to Eva Dance!

Are you dreaming of an exotic evening,
that will help you forget about your daily routine?

Do you need to sweep your business partners off their feet,
or maybe you just want to impress your friends?

Do you want to see something unusual?
Do you want to move?

Choose belly dancing! This is something more
than moving to the music in a skimpy outfit.

This is the power of the movement and feminine wisdom!
Try my offer! See for yourself!

About me

I have been an oriental dancer for 10 years. I was taught by masters
in Egypt, Turkey, Germany and Poland. Everyday I try to learn something
new. For example, I’ve included folklore forms like khaligi,
saaidi into my dance.

Arabian music, dance and culture fascinate me. This fascination
goes deeper and deeper, every time I visit Egypt and the Near East.
At the same time, it increases my knowledge and experience.

I love to have contact with people. For me, dancing is like sharing
my happiness, emotions and energy with others. I am a good organizer
and also a tour guide. I lead trips to Arabian and Latin American countries.

I speak Spanish, English and Arabic – Maybe your plan
is to organize a time for foreign guests?
I co-operate with companies such as: LogosTour, First Class, Allegro,
while conducting foreign and national tours integrated as incentive.